The RSCDS is offering several scholarships to allow as many people as possible to take part in Spring Fling 2019. These scholarships include accommodation and event fees, but not travel expenses.

For more information on how these scholarships are awarded and to apply (before 30th November 2018), visit the RSCDS website:

A note to applicants

The results will not be announced until after ticket sales have opened. We will reserve 5 places for the winners:

  • If you intend to participate in Spring Fling regardless of the outcome of your application, we invite you to register when ticket sales open in order to secure a place. You will be reimbursed if you are awarded the scholarship.
  • If your participation in Spring Fling is dependent on receiving a scholarship, you may wait until the results are announced. However, we are unable to guarantee a place for you if you are not selected.